Friday Flashback – December 18, 2015 Winloc Sir Arthur – Part 2








Happy Friday! Here is your Friday Flashback, the second half of a piece written by Bruce Orser in 1995 (you can find the first half in our post from last Friday):

“Winloc Sir Arthur”
(Art Powell x CC Eres Tu)
part two

Winloc Sir Arthur would become agitated for several years after being hit by the car at veterinarians and strangers if in groups of more than two. He loved horse shows before but become very agitated after the accident. His first show was the Lippitt show weanlings and was judged the best colt. He won a Morgan 2 year old class at the Green Mountain Stock Farm. We took him to a couple of shows after that but he would always act up. He eventually got over some of his accident but not all. He would still show a bit of intolerance to strangers but nowhere near what he did at first. He came out of retirement to step into the Justin Morgan Class at the Justin Morgan event in Bowling Green KY, in 2000, stepping easily out with a bronze statue of Green Mountain Morgan.

Arthur was very satisfying to the eye, measuring up in most ways to any real type standard. He had what i used to call pretty muscles. He possessed really exquisite lines and curves with a flatter croup than most others, a trait i always felt could counter some steep ones in the breeding shed.

Arthur would pull a log just fine but anything larger resembled a vehicle and he would get upset so we never got to hitch him.
Di always said he had the smoothest gaits of any horse she ever road. On trail rides she had to fight with him to get him to turn around and go home; he enjoyed going.

In his declining years Arthur had little to do, Di would ride him a couple of times each year. Mostly he was in stall or paddock. He is the only horse we ever kept that seemed to get his very own paddock. No one else could go in.

One of his kids is Edgewood Ida Hall, Another most people know is Iron Horse Jericho. We kept Winloc Green Mountain who ran away with the cart like his namesake did the harrow when first hitched. What a handful he was from day one eventually becoming a champion saddle horse. One lady who saw him prancing toward the arena remarked. “Is that One of those Lippitts?”

Winloc Major Gifford became a pleasure champion in the Modern arena and a wonderfully successful sire. Siring River Riders Riviera and our own Rich, two name but two in his short stud career.

He was the most intelligent horse we ever knew, and that is saying something with the group of other brains we have had at Winloc. He could not talk but you would swear he was when he looked at you.

A few words about Arthur’s sire and dam for continuity. We wanted to buy something to breed so In March 1974 Lester Welch escorted us to see several mares and fillies, Lester was as generous as they come and never really tried to steer you to his own. After our going to market tour we decided to purchase the then 11 month old CC ERES TU from the Courier’s in Randolph Center. We nicknamed her Sissy, a derivation of her prefix. She rode, drove and always did well in hand, once finishing ahead of the great Stillwater Hope in one of those legendary old Stock farm mare classes. Lester said you always hope for better than the parent. Sissy was by Lippitt Norman and looked a little more like him than Hope. She had his bone structure as well as having his long very heavy tail, a trait often seen in Norman’s stock. We took her to a parade in Elbridge NY once and she showed all the fire of her sire and the horses of old, prancing every step of the way and in place when the parade stopped. She was a truly great road horse, all trot and no stop.

We waited impatiently for her to reach four years of age so we could breed her. She had Winloc Shelby from Hiker Joy. Then we took her to Art Powell at 7 years of age. We repeated it twice but with no luck. Her last was a colt Winloc Morgan Dan by Meredith Bruce. He was owned by John Wing of NH.

Art was a muscular and well made Black Chestnut, a 14 hand ball of fire possessing what Dorothy Bachman called a drop dead head. Sissy had get up at the right time; Art had it all the time.
Sir Arthur was the only horse that pranced at the 1994 LCS Justin Morgan Standard class. We loved it.

(Photo of Winloc Sir Arthur by Bruce Orser.)