Lippitt Trixie

(Ethan Roberts X Dam by Knox Morgan)


When Knight acquired the group of horses from the Phillips estate, he also added more mares to his herd; all were strong Billy Roberts (strong Sherman breeding.)

One of his favorite stories was of the day he purchased Lippitt Trixie. Trixie was bred by C. V. Kent of Montpelier, VT. He ran a livery stable and used purebred Morgan horses for an economic reason; they held up under the many adverse conditions they were subjected to. He chose Ethan Allen III and Billy Roberts bloodlines.

Knight told us that he heard of a mare named Trixie, bred by Kent, but now owned by a man named Moriarty. She was about twelve years old and was for sale.

When he went to see her, he found Mr. Moriarty to be a large, pleasant man with a big stomach. After looking at the mare, they sat down on a couple of boulders in the pasture to discuss price and pedigree. She was sired by Ethan Roberts out of a mare by Knox Morgan (a trotting bloodline.) The second dam was untraced.

Knight liked what he saw and they finally agreed on a price. As they stood to shake hands on the deal, Trixie (who was grazing nearby) wheeled and lashed out with both hind feet, catching Moriarty in the stomach. He groaned and sank back onto the rock, gasping. Knight said “I guess she didn’t like the idea of being sold. Good thing it was those times instead of now, or I’d be sued.” Because of the untraced  dam, Lippitt Trixie was registered with an X in front of her AMHA number. Knight never kept any of her produce as breeding stock until after the 1952 sale when he started raising Lippitts again. At that time, he acquired some beautiful stock from Lippitt Beatrice Ash (by Ashbrook), notably Lippitt Victoria, who also produced some beautiful stock. Lippitt Victoria Amanda (x Lippitt Ashmore), winner of the 1962 Gold Cup, was one of her most beautiful progeny.

by Mant Horton – Lippitt Lore

Left to Right: Green Mountain Twilight, Croydon Mary and Lippitt Trixie
Left to Right: Green Mountain Twilight, Croydon Mary and Lippitt Trixie