The Lippitt Morgan is a unique horse. It is a member of a group of Morgans that trace back to the original “Figure.” Justin Morgan’s stallion, on a maximum of lines with a minimum of outcrosses to other breeds of horses; no crosses at all to the Saddlebred. Other strains of horse appear, of course, when pedigrees are traced back far enough, as is inevitable in the case of a breed descending from a single stallion.

      In the Lippitt, the concentration of Justin Morgan’s blood is impressive. A number of living Lippitts can trace back to this progenitor in as little as 12 generations, and the average percentage of Justin Morgan’s blood in modern Lippitts is over 22%, and there are still a few older Lippitts that have over 25% more than a grandson or granddaughter of his usually had.

       The Lippitt descended on every line from a stallion bred by the Peters family at Bradford, VT. Peter’s Ethan Allen 2nd 406, by Peters’ Morgan 405, is our “Cornerstone” stallion. The Lippitt has been inbred and line bred for generations, reinforcing the unique Morgan qualities and solidifying type.

       Among these qualities are endurance, hardiness, longevity, tractability, intelligence and versatility. From its beginning, the Lippitt Morgan has demonstrated the ability to thrive on simple living conditions, hard work, and a minimum of pampering. The Lippitt Morgan learns quickly and loves to try new things. Its versatility is legendary and is well demonstrated at the annual Lippitt Country Show.

       The Lippitt Club believes that this true Morgan type must be improved, promoted and perpetuated. Because of its unique genetic purity, its homozygosis, the Lippitt Morgan represents a genetic pool that the Morgan breed cannot afford to lose.

       We currently have a number of profiles on people and horses that are historically significant to the Lippitt Morgan and to the Club. To date, we have profiles on Robert Lippitt Knight, A. Fullerton Phillips, Lippitt Trixie, Ashbrook and Gifford Morgan. We will be adding additional profiles as time goes on.






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