About The Lippitt Club, Inc.

The Lippitt Club was started in 1973 by a group of individuals dedicated to preserving the original Old Vermont Morgan horse. These individuals agreed to a specific set of Morgans as the “foundation” of the horses now known as Lippitt Morgans. The Morgans designated as Lippitt Morgans have no 20th century outcrossings. It is the steward of this foundation bloodline and a true resource of the original blood of Figure – the first Morgan horse.

The Club welcomes all who are interested in, and love, the “old style” Morgan horse. Join us to learn not only the history of the Lippitt Morgans, but what Lippitts are doing ~today~.

PURPOSE (Per the Lippitt Club By-Laws)

  1. To preserve the genetic purity and original type that have been achieved through inbreeding and line breeding the Lippitt Morgan.
  2. To improve, promote and perpetuate the Lippitt strain of Morgan.
  3. To cooperate with the AMHA Inc. in promoting the Morgan.
  4. To provide a united voice and effort in support of the Lippitt Morgan.
  5. To promote good fellowship and sportsmanship among Lippitt Club members.