The name “Lippitt” was the registered prefix of Robert Lippitt Knight, of Providence, Rhode Island. Mr. Knight owned the Green Mountain Stock Farm in Randolph, Vermont, not far from the farm where Justin Morgan lived. Mr. Knight was a major breeder of “old type Morgans” from 1927 until 1962. The old type Morgans in Vermont were generally referred to as “Lippitts.” It is for this reason and to honor Mr. Knight’s contribution to the Morgan breed that the name Lippitt was chosen for this family of horses and for the Club that admires them.


Because Mr. Knight was a large breeder, he would sometimes breed to outside bloodlines. Conversely, there were others who bred Morgan horses that do fit The Lippitt Club’s definition of a Lippitt. So, it is the pedigree, rather than the breeder that determines whether or not a Morgan horse can be called a Lippitt.

Taken from The Lippitt Club brochure article by Bob Griswold.